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Define WASH response strategic objectives and priority activities

Define WASH response strategic objectives

Definition of WASH strategic objectives should be done collaboratively with the Strategic Advisory Group (SAG).  Definition of these objectives should be aligned with Country Strategic Objectives, and other clusters prioritized by the Humanitarian Coordinator (refer to list of Humanitarian Key Issues in the Humanitarian Response Plan). Strategic Objectives are usually related to provision of WASH services to cover the basic needs of the population affected by the disaster; They can also include WASH sector/partner capacity development, or aim at building resilience of local population or Local WASH market markets.    

Define WASH response activities and modalities

The WASH coordination platform must use the result of the needs assessment to elaborate the response's technical WASH strategy, defining which activities should be done to answer to the assessed needs in a relevant way, and which population group will be targeted. This steps, refered to as Response Analysis, is a largely qualitative process, that should be done during a meeting with the SAG, based on the partners’ expertise, the lesson-learned from former emergency responses, and the strategy of other key clusters. The main implementation modalities will be defined, whether it is about direct service delivery, or the use of indirect delivery modalities such as market support, cash transfer or local capacity building.

The HRP objective is inter-sectoral planning, and cannot contain too many details on each sector. More details about the WASH response strategy and modalities can be included in the Strategic Operational Framework

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