Coordination platform

What is it about?

The first of the 6+1 functions of the WASH Coordination platform as defined by the Inter Agency Standing Commitee (IASC) is to “support service delivery”, by setting up a platform allowing partners to 1) deliver services to the beneficiaries according to a Humanitarian Response Plan and the WASH sector/cluster strategic priorities; and 2) avoid duplication. Depending on the context, the coordination platform will have to be set up or strengthened. In both cases, the WASH sector/cluster coordinator (WCC) works hand in hand with the Information Management Officer (IMO) to achieve all coordination requirements set up by the IASC,  OCHA, GWC and relevant governmental authorities. 

What are the objectives?

Provide a platform that ensures delivery of WASH services to the affected population is driven by the strategic priorities, and that use of available resources is maximized

At least, you should do…

 GWC Minimum Requirements
  • Cluster/sector at national level is adequately staffed 

  • Cluster/sector at national level has a Term of Reference

  • Cluster/sector meetings are organised with minutes and action points

  • Strategic decisions for the cluster / sector are taken by a group of partners representing the interest of all the WASH Stakeholders

  • There are clear sub-national focal points or coordinators in place where relevant.

  • Information sharing platform established ( or other).

  • Activity reporting form is established (4W or something similar).

  • Information management capacity exists to map operational presence and activities of partners.

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