GWC Coordination Tool Kit (CTK)


The Global WASH Cluster Coordination Tool Kit (CTK) provides guidance, tools and field examples to support all members of WASH coordination platforms to implement the functions and tasks linked to Humanitarian WASH coordination. Below can be found three ways to search information in the CTK, : Search by keywords, search by words included in title/page/document, or browse the CTK by chapters and subchapters.   

Coordination platform


Strategic Planning






Gap Analyses & Advocacy


Information Management



Resources mobilization




Response evaluation  


Needs assessments



Response Monitoring



Emergency preparedness 


Humanitarian WASH system strengthening  


How does it works

The CTK is divided into 10 chapters, outlining core cluster functions, or functions linked to a specific HPC phase when relevant. The 10 chapters are outlined and can be selected in the navigation panel on the left. For each chapter, there is a presentation page, and several subpages, as follows:

  • Presentation pages are structured in the following way: 

What is it about

A summary of the coordination function

What are the objectives

The list of reasons why the coordination platform must implement the function, and its expected positive impact on the response

At least you should do

The list of minimum requirement associated to the function, selected from the 
list of Minimum Requirements for National Humanitarian WASH Coordination Platforms established by the GWC

  • Sub-pages can be expended and selected in the navigation panel on the left. They are structured in the following way:

Key guidance & tools
Field examples
Other tools
Expendable text where can be found links to relevant support documents related to the subpage's task, that can be downloaded. Click on the link to open or download the document.

Main task

Main task that must be performed by the WASH coordination platform in relation with the subpage's topic


Secondary task that must be performed by the WASH coordination platform in relation with the subpage's topic
Task explanatory textDescription of the secondary task. Text often include hyperlinks to related documents or other CTK pages   

key external weblink

This box contains link to webpage (IASC, OCHA, ANALP etc.) where complementary information or tools can be found 

Search the CTK by keyword

Using this symbol on the left panel, you can search the whole CTK using key words. Search results will be either documents, or CTK pages containing the keyword.

Need more help?

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