System strengthening

What is it about?

The WASH coordination platform must participate in the strengthening of the local humanitarian WASH systems to support disaster resilience and a more localized humanitarian response

The 2012 Transformative Agenda highlighted the temporary essence of the humanitarian clusters, and the responsibility for clusters to build the capacity of the national government to progressively take a leading role on response coordination, with a final objective of cluster deactivation and transition to sector once adequate capacity has been reached. Four year later, this agenda was pushed forward by the launch of the Grand Bargain initiative: the largest donors and humanitarian agencies made several commitments to better localize the humanitarian coordination and to strengthen the role of local government and civil society actors in implementing and monitoring humanitarian WASH response. The Gran Bargain also called for an increased used of market-based programming in the response, especially regarding the use of Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA), which should be considered for the WASH response when relevant and appropriate.  The Gran Bargain also calls for more collaboration with development partners to improve the humanitarian development nexus, ensuring on one side that WASH development programs improve disaster resilience and preparedness, and on the other side WASH humanitarian response supports the continuity of the development agenda.

What are your objectives?

  • National government takes a leading role in the coordination and the monitoring of the humanitarian WASH response
  • Local public, private and civil society actors have a better capacity to implement and monitor the humanitarian WASH response
  • The emergency preparedness and response processes use and support adequately local WASH market systems
  • Partnerships are established between development and humanitarian actors to improve resilience, preparedness and emergency response

At least you should do...

 GWC Minimum Requirements for coordination

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