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Coordinate the development of the WASH Cluster Strategic Operational Framework 

The WASH Srategic Operational Framework (SOF) is a compilation of WASH response strategy and implementation modalities. It is a document specific to the WASH sector, and not a formal OCHA requirement. It complements the WASH Operational Reponse Plan from the current HRP, by providing details on how the WASH response should be implemented and monitored. Chapters of the SOF should be prepared by the WASH Sector Coordinator, in close collaboration with the SAG to ensure process is transparent and final document well accepted by the partners. In a cluster context, it is advised to seek the endorsement of the SOF by the government, which would increase chances that SOF recommendations are followed by partners and facilitate smooth transition process from cluster to sector. There is no timeline associated to the elaboration of the SOF:

  • In a cluster activated context, its elaboration should start as soon as a cluster is activated, but its chapters should be completed progressively based on context and priorities. It should be aligned with relevant national guidelines and standards 
  • In a non-cluster activated country, the SOF should be composed by all existing national guidelines, policies and strategies related to the Humanitarian WASH coordination and response

The elements of the SOF and its relationship with the HRP are detailed in the below diagram:

                                                                    From Strategy to Implementation 

The various chapters of a standard SOF are decribed in the subsection of this chapter: