Coordination performance

What is it about

It is necessary for the WASH coordination platform to regularly take stock of what functional areas of coordination work well and what areas need improvement. Coordination performance monitoring can be realized internally by the coordination staff, in a participatory way by all the WASH partners, or externally by experts from regional or global level. Two formal tools are available:

  • Cluster coordination performance monitoring (CCPM)
  • Cluster Description Mapping

These tools have specific questionnaires and methodology, based on the Core Cluster Functions. 

For more informal or internal monitoring exercise, it is a good practice to evaluate coordination platform performance against the GWC Minimum Requirements. 

What are the objectives

  • Ensure efficient and effective coordination
  • Strengthening transparency and partnership within the cluster

At least you should do...

 GWC Minimum Requirements for coordination

There are no GWC Minimum Requirement associated to cluster coordination performance monitoring.

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