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Monitor WASH response's geographical coverage

In order to maximize response impact, all sub-domains of the WASH response, as defined in the sector / cluster response plan (water, sanitation, hygiene, etc…), must be deployed in all the targeted geographical zones and for all the beneficiaries as prioritized in the plan. The coordination platform must have a breakdown of the WASH sector caseload per geographical areas, also highlighting priority areas defined in the WASH Operational Response Plan. They must monitor the progress of the response in each geographical area, using W-matrix and reports from partners, to detect possible gaps.

Monitoring the response in term of geographical coverage and targeted population is one of the requirements that WASH coordination platform should meet through the use of the W-matrix. It should be reported regularly in the WASH Cluster dashboard, using Operational presence maps (see templates and examples in Visual and reporting templates section in the Information management chapter) .